Destination Procrastination.

Many of you reading this have probably already heard of the negativity of procrastination. No matter who you are, or where your from you have probably been face to face with a daunting task that you just can’t seem to get the motivation to go out and do it. Believe me, it’s probably the biggest hurdle many college students face on a daily basis. When it comes to a media program like DMP however, I’ve noticed that procrastinating can really leave you in a troubled spot.

I personally feel that with everything that goes on in life, procrastination is natural. What isn’t natural is putting things off so much that you work on things at the last second and hope that everything turns out fine in the end. I myself typically try to stay ahead of the curve and plan out anything that needs to get done ahead of time so not too much piles up. This sort of changes within a media environment. Plans can change in a blink of an eye, forcing you into recovery mode where you have to redo your plan you worked so hard on before, and if you leave it to the last minute be ready to put in some extra hours. An example of this would be a recent production I was the lead on for our colleges remembrance day ceremony. I was the producer for the show, meaning that I was in charge of planning out what graphics we were going out, what videos we were going to run, who was hosting our show etc. etc. One of the biggest things with this show was that I felt procrastination became a huge factor throughout the production. I felt that there was plenty of time to plan out the entire show, I mean, we were put in charge of it around October 11th, and the show wasn’t airing until November the 11th. Plenty of time right? well that’s where my initial thinking was, and believe me when your in your final year and you think you have plenty of time for something, you really don’t. So take heed my words carefully and take advantage of all the time that you get. Progress was made steadily throughout the production but some things were left till the VERY end, and I mean like editing videos, putting some graphics together, and making sure that everything ran on our video server for the show day (Which of course by the way, crashed on show day so our graphics couldn’t even run in the first place) Even then, there were still some things I wish I had told my crew sooner, and that by leaving it till the last second, probably had them miss out on important information that may have even enhanced our show even further.

Now, the reason I’m saying this isn’t to scare anyone from joining a media program like DMP, in fact its the very opposite. I encourage everyone to give something like this course a chance. It allows you to learn how to problem solve and manage your time well. You get to be the creative director of many productions that you produce throughout the year, and procrastination is just one of the many things that you will have to deal with going through any program. Just know that your end product could be greatly improved with some well thought out planning, and work ahead of time.

Thanks for taking the chance to read this, I appreciate you for taking the time to hear me rant about the negativity of procrastination in a media program. Anyway, I digress. Have a lovely evening, and I hope you keep joining me on this journey!

-Braydon K.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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