Creative Freedom

So I’m going to start this out by asking “Do you remember when you were young”, which, thinking about it now, is really funny coming from a 21-year old kid. Regardless, I’m hoping whoever is reading this, takes a second and reflects back to when they were young, and realizes just how important your imagination was. Anything could become a reality, your creativity was unparalleled and it helped entertain you to an unfathomable degree. Now, what might this have to do with being in a media program? you may be asking, well I’m getting to that, I felt the topic just needed a little bit more flair and pizzaz, anyway I digress.

When I was this age, I would always wonder what I was going to do with my life. I knew it had to be something that would work alongside my imagination since the crazy worlds I used to create were too much fun to just leave in my childhood. I spent the majority of high school wondering what I would do and thought about for two years after graduation. I know that there are the pressures from our parents to pursue careers that they see as “fulfilling”, but honestly it can affect the way you look at things. I know I spent forever trying to get over this idea that because I wanted to do something creative with my life, I would never be as successful as my friends going into trades, or even health care. Creativity is such a vital and necessary part of my life that anything else would just feel “fake”. Ultimately it came down to me becoming enthralled with a program at Confederation College, so I made a choice. Either I can go down a path pre-determined by my parents, or I can branch out and go for something that I’ve always wanted to do. I can honestly say, taking that step has been so eye-opening, and believe me if your passion is creativity I highly recommend something regarding media arts.

Now for those of you who don’t know I’m in a program called “Digital Media Production” taught at Confederation College in Thunder Bay Ontario. Since joining the program I’ve had many opportunities to work alongside other like-minded content creators, who shared the same ambitions and drives as I did. This was groundbreaking to me, I mean I’ve worked in retail for just about 6 years now, and once you’ve fallen down that hole, its sort of difficult to see yourself going anywhere else (harking back to the creative freedom I had been lacking). All I wanted to do was create content, and focus on something that finally felt like I was achieving something.

Now some of the projects that we worked on throughout the past semesters have been up to our own imaginations. I created something called the media censor box, that blocks all profanities with pleasant comments. A little odd I will admit, but it felt amazing to create it. It was an idea I came up with all on my own and from the fundamentals taught by my teachers, I was able to bring it to life. We also had opportunities to interview various teachers, and staff members regarding changes to education, and bring up topics that may have fallen by the wayside when it came to public matters. There was this feeling I felt after I finished these videos, a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s kind of difficult to explain but just having a chance to share your visions with other people is such a rewarding experience, and believe me when I say that DMP has helped me greatly in that regard.

Now the point of me saying all this is to hopefully help others who may feel like their direction isn’t the greatest, and want something more creative. I definitely recommend weighing your options and consider a media program. In my view, DMP has allowed us to not only tell our own stories intelligently and effectively but also tell others stories as well. It’s really because I chose to follow that creative freedom that I had grown up with. I feel like we are all set on this path from childhood, that we need to give up on our imaginations, fall in line and get an average job like everyone else. I see creative freedom as such a rooted and fundamental part of our being that everyone should strive for it. Tell your story, learn proper techniques, have fun. Life is already so serious enough, why can’t we enjoy a job where our creativity provides our happiness?

– Braydon Kaus

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